Extended Help Guide (Move List + Tips)

Ralph and I would just like to say that we really appreciate all the great feedback received from you. We know that our controls can use some improvement, but it can be learned and mastered. This guide is meant to help with the basics, and we recommend that you try playing the game once again. We wish we had enough time to implement in-game tutorials.
If you read the directions on the game's page and they don't provide enough information to get you playing the game comfortably, below is a list of the moves intended to be used in our game and an explanation on how to use them.

• PUSH-JUMP: Throw your yo-yo at the ground and slowly push it towards the ground to slowly lift yourself up and you can even jump while the yo-yo is touching the ground!

• SWING: Throw your yo-yo and wrap it around the rail and move your cursor left and right. You can move the player left and right at the same time for extra control!

•RAPPEL:  Put your yo-yo in the rail and fall off the block and try to keep your yo-yo in the very corner of the rail. When you are above a safe area to drop you can hold down the Right-click to retract your yo-yo and let it pass through the terrain.

• LIFT STATE 1: Throwing yo-yo without holding the Right-click button down

• LIFT STATE 2: Throwing yo-yo while holding down the Right-click down

• LIFT STATE 3: Throwing yo-yo while holding the Right-click button down and once the yo-yo is in the block and then let go of the Right-click button to hang and be lifted.

And finally, sometimes it's just best to take your time and take things slow!

Here are a few examples:
Feel free to show us any new moves that you did that aren't listed here! 
Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!
Here is a link back to the game's page.


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Aug 04, 2019
Aug 04, 2019

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